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The following furnace maintenance items should be performed once a year or as needed. Some are DIY but others should be performed by a qualified technician.


  • Clean the burner head to remove debris and corrosion.
  • Inspect for distortion or large holes.
  • Replace as necessary.


  • Check and clean igniter for carbon or corrosion.
  • Check for cracks in porcelain.
  • Replace if bad.

Gas Valve

  • Clean the orifice.
  • Check amp draw of gas valve solenoids and replace if weak or bad.
  • Check electrical connections to be sure they are tight.

Blower and Combustion Wheels

  • Inspect for balance and replace if damaged.
  • Clean dirt and obstructions off wheel.

Combustion Chamber

  • Inspect air intake and exhaust for mud dabber nests.
  • Clean chamber per manufacture approved methods.
  • Inspect chamber for cracks and holes. None are allowed.

Blower Motor

  • Replace if it fails or makes abnormal noises

Circuit Board and Wiring

  • Inspect board for water damage, loose solder joints and excessive dirt.
  • Check furnace wiring for broken or melted insulation. Always replace with correct temperature rated wiring.

Ducts and Plenum

  • Check that ducts are connected properly to the plenum box.
  • Check for smashed or torn ducts.
  • Check for register damage and that rugs or other objects are not blocking air flow.
  • Check CFM and air temperature coming out of ducts.

Gas Pressure

  • Do gas pressure drop test at test port near burner.
  • Verify that pressure is sufficient with other propane devices running.
  • Low gas pressure can cause incomplete combustion and sooting.
  • Use approved leak detector to check any fittings that were opened during testing.

Sail Switch

  • Remove switch and clean dirt or lint.
  • Check switch for operation and verify it does not stick closed


  • Check that 12VDC voltage is within proper operating limits.

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