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So you bought an RV, now what? Believe it or not you aren’t finished yet. You will need to shell out a little more cash for some RV essentials. You will most likely need to connect to power, water, and sewer utilities at some point. Your parking spot may not be level. And how will you keep your 65-80 PSI tires filled with air? Check out this list of common startup essentials.

RV Startup Essentials

Tool or ProductPurchaseUse or DescriptionCategory
Drinking Water Hose (Potable)Don't want your water to taste like rubber? You need this hose.Water
Water Pressure RegulatorPrevent high water pressure at campgrounds from damaging your RV.Water
Inline Water Filter and Hose ProtectorKeep your water pump and plumbing system free of sand and debris. You will still need a drinking water filter of some sort inside your RV.Water
Hose Saver ElbowThis elbow will prevent your hose and water filter from breaking the plastic City Water connection on your RV.Water
Hose Connection WashersLeaky hose connection? Install a new washer or replace the missing one.Water
Drinking Water FilterThere are many solutions to safe drinking water. This counter filter works well for us.Water
Sewer HoseUV resistant, flexible hose used to carry your Black and Gray water from the RV to the park dump connectionSewer
Sewer Hose 45 deg ElbowReduce tension on your sewer hose and view when water changes from dirty to clean.Sewer
Holding Tank TreatmentSmell something? You may need to treat your black holding tank. Happy Camper's works! Thousands of 5 start ratings.Sewer
Leveling BlocksYour RV needs to be level. Even if you do not have an RV absorption fridge - you do not want your internal doors auto-closing or feeling like you are walking up hill while inside. These basic blocks are useful in many situations.Leveling
Power Surge Protector and Monitor System 30 or 50 AmpLow voltage, reverse current, and lightening can destroy your RV power system - costing thousands of dollars to repair. I never plug in at a park without first going through this EMS.Power and Electricity
Quick Connect Propane HoseGotta a Propane Grill, Griddle, or Fire Pit that you want to connect to your RV's Quick Connect port? You need this hose.Propane
Blackstone Griddle AdapterWant to connect your Blackstone to your quick connect propane hose? You need this!Propane
Camp Chef Grill and Fire Pit AdapterGot a Camp Chef grill or Fire Pit? You need this adapter to connect it to your RV quick connect hose.Propane
RV Tire Air CompressorRV tires typically require 65PSI or higher. Many gas station air fillers will not pump this high. This compressor is designed specifically with the full-time RVer in mind.Tires
Safety TrianglesBroken down on the side of the road? These triangles will guide traffic around your RV.Safety
Battery BoosterVehicle starting battery accidentally drained? This will get you started and on the road quickly.Battery
Twist On Waste ValveWhen you open the cap to your dump connection, do you have several cups of nasty water escape? This will prevent that from happening.Sewer

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