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Do you dry camp frequently and need to run a microwave, TV, or run an home appliance from an outlet – but you don’t have a generator or want to use your batteries to power these devices? Let us help size and provide an Inverter Installation quote for your toy hauler, 5th wheel, or travel trailer.

  1. Size your inverter for the loads you want to run
  2. Locate an appropriate space for the install (near the batteries)
  3. Ensure that you have correct battery capacity to run your loads for the desired amount of time (FYI: all inverter installs require at least 200 amp hours of battery capacity)
  4. Add bus bars and correct cable sizing for your inverter
  5. Add monitoring equipment so that you can see the Percent of Charge instead of basic battery voltage
  6. Possibly split your AC Breaker box or add an additional sub-panel to separate inverted vs non-inverted loads

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