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What tools for RV Camping do you need? It wasn’t until after I bought our first RV that I realized just how many tools I would need to carry with me to maintain everything while living on the road. In a “sticks and bricks” you typically have a garage or shed where you store tools and parts. However, you have to carry all of that with you as a full-timer. The list below should help you get started. If you plan on doing all maintenance, then you would obviously need a more extensive collection. If you click on the links to purchase, you will be redirected to Amazon where you can buy the tool, but also provide me with a small commission.

RV Basic Tools and Supplies

Tool or ProductPurchaseUse or DescriptionCategory
Ratcheting Screw and Bit DriverAlthough there is a time and place for a battery powered drill/impact gun, I find myself using this bit driver 80% of the time.Hand Tool
Dewalt Bit SetWhether you are using a battery powered gun or a manual driver, you need a variety of bits to maintain your RV. This kit includes the most common SQUARE bits used in RV construction today.Accessory
Cordless DrillIf you need to remove a lot of screws or drill a hole, nothing beats a cordless drill.Power Tool
Drill Bit SetNeed to make a small hole? Bosch drill bits will do it over and over again with precision.Accessory
Diagonal CuttersThese wire cutters can handle most needs whether you are cutting Zip Ties, cable, wires, etc.Hand Tool
Adjustable PliersI have a pair of 20 year old Channel Lock pliers in my tool bag. I use them regularly to tighten drain pipe fittings.Hand Tool
Vise GripsCan't get a bolt loose? Try a pair of Vise Grips.Hand Tool
Basic Metric/SAE Socket SetA ratcheting socket set saves your arm when tightening bolts and nuts.Hand Tool
MagnetDropped a screw where you can't reach it? Grab it with a telescoping magnet.Hand Tool
Hand PicksWhen everything else fails, try one of your picks.Hand Tool
ScissorsThese aren't your grandma's scissors. They will cut through almost anything.Hand Tool
Knife/Box CutterA good utility knife with replaceable blades works when everything else has failed.Hand Tool
Plastic Non-Marring ScraperNeed to scrap off some road goo, pry behind a panel? Use a plastic scraper.Hand Tool
Head LampYou only have two hands. A head lamp provides lots of light to see what you are doing while keeping your hands free to hold your favorite tools.Light
Outlet TesterEven if you don't know much about electricity, troubleshooting an electrical outlet is simplified with this device. It will provide you with information you can share with a qualified technician.Electrical
DC FusesYour RV has two power systems. Your main power system uses DC (battery) power - just like your car. Instead of breakers like your house, your RV uses replaceable fuses to protect your battery power system.Electrical
Rubber GlovesWhen dumping your black and gray tanks, its always a good idea to wear disposable gloves.Safety
Work GlovesSharp edges or rough bolts can really hurt your knuckles when your hand slips off of your favorite tool. These have both grip and dexterity.Safety
Roof SealantGot a roof leak? Use Dicor for a quick repair on most RV roof types.Supplies
Dry LubricantRV Slides, Doors, and Stabilizers need this to stay lubricated and clean.Supplies
Slide Wiper Seal ConditionerThe rubber seals on your RV Slide Outs need to stay soft and supple. This spray will get the job done.Supplies
Zip TiesIs something rubbing, flapping, blowing in the wind? Tie it down with a zip tie.Supplies
Gorilla TapeClear strong Gorilla tape can get you out of a lot of sticky situations.Supplies
Air Conditioner Condenser Coil CleanerA/C outside coils dirty or bent? You need this.Supplies
Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil CleanerA/C inside coils dirty? This will clean them with no residue/clean up necessary.Supplies

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