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Just like vehicles, your RV travel trailer or 5th wheel should have an RV TPMS installed. It is important to pull over as soon as you know about a tire pressure problem, but with multi-axel trailers sometimes you may not know until major damage has already occurred. Just last week, I had a flat tire on my travel trailer. My TPMS alarm went off, I slowed and observed that I was loosing 1 psi about every 20 seconds. I decided to get off at the next exit (1/2 mile away) and find a safe place to change the tire. Everything worked out safely and I was back on the road in about 20 minutes. I have the 507 Series TPMS monitor from TST and use a Powerbuilt 6000lb Unijack for all wheel and suspension work. I used my VIAIR 450P-RV portable air compressor to add some air to my spare tire.

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